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WTN Planner 2019 |

Featured in Where To Next Planners 2019 as one of 12 individuals sharing stories of pursuing their passion and purpose. #FindYourTribe

In Conversation with Jayson Cortez |

An interview with DEAKS_JOURNAL, a unique digital platform and traveller community.

Where Asia Straddles Europe |

I had never heard about Azerbaijan until late 2016 when I received an email from a local travel company highlighting it as one of its upcoming destinations. At that time, I was confused because it was a place I had never heard of. I did a quick search on the web to know more about it and instantly became read more...

Take You There |

A series of my photos is featured on Basura Collective, an art website that promotes itself as a safe space for artists. 

Travel Now: Solo or Group? |

My two cents on traveling alone or with a group of people on Team Manila Lifestyle.

The 9 Travel Instagrammers You Need to be Following |

Featured on Anya Carion's blog.

Scratching the Surface of Nepal |

Last March, I flew to Nepal alone and without any itinerary planned out – I just wanted to take a short break from the pressure and demand of my 9-6 job. To be honest, despite having a Nepalese former colleague in Dubai, I didn’t know much about Nepal back then – except, of course, that it was where the tallest mountain in the world could be found, and that it was a backpacker’s paradise. Other than that, I had no great knowledge of the country, its locals or culture read more...

The Charm of Kyrgyzstan |

I’ve always been curious about Kyrgyzstan, so when a friend posted that she is planning to travel to this country, I immediately sent her a message asking if I could tag along.

When I started telling people about my plan, I heard a lot of the ‘where on earth is that’ question read more...

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